Prexy Council Endowment

A project by: Cara Teigum


WE RAISED $21,611

from 170 donors

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Congrats on reaching your goal!

Thank you Brad and Mary for everything you do! Thank you prexy council for raising and encouraging young leaders in ag to make a difference in the industry!!

I worked with Mary at CSU and know of her passion for helping and working with the Ag community. You have a truly wonderful individual advocating and helping your students

My sons gained a great deal from the Meats and Livestock judging programs at SDSU. My dad was on the SDSU team in 1958-59, and we have a long line of livestock judges in our family. I would like my gift to benefit others in those programs.

Keep up the great work!!! You guys are so close!

Alpha gamma rho

This is a great way to support our student organizations. Thank you, CAFES Prexy Council, for taking the initiative to get this fund established!