Student Emergency Fund

The far-reaching outcomes of the COVID-19 virus have created a national environment of uncertainty and presented a series of unique challenges for our Jackrabbit students and their families. Many alumni and supporters have asked, “How can I help?” and “What can I do?”

Our Cause

The South Dakota State University Foundation is partnering with the Division of Student Affairs to help offset some of the difficulties students are facing. Online classes will resume for the university on March 23, but the Jackrabbit community will tackle unique concerns in their personal and professional lives moving forward. Unexpected expenses include costs related to transportation, food and resources, lost income, potential medical bills, and other financial obligations. Many students rely on part-time jobs to pay for college and living expenses. In most communities, those jobs have been eliminated or reduced, leaving students and families with urgent costs they’re unable to meet.

These emergency funds are one way we can help alleviate some of those concerns. If you are able, we hope that you will consider helping our students through the economic challenges of this national emergency.

Without a doubt, the SDSU campus and the students who call it home are facing uncertain times – but amid this uncertainty, support for the Jackrabbit community remains unwavering.

Help us succeed!

If you’re unable to give at this time, you can still help our students by sharing this project via social media, email, and phone. Your help is greatly appreciated.