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3 weeks, 3 days ago

Good evening!

It's been a long time since writing.  So much good has happened over the course of these first few weeks of Garden Glow.  Blessed by great weather, wonderful attendance and very few "chewed lights cord" occurrences, Garden Glow has reached a new level of brilliance - 8,414 visitors thus far. With seven more nights to go, it's hard to imagine what the total count will be.

As exciting as it is to know these numbers, it's even more joyful to know the effect that Garden Glow has had on its visitors.  Genuine words of gratitude for the work put into installation of Garden Glow, feeling safe in the current COVID world, offering escape from any troubles of the world.  Initiating an advanced timed ticketing system this year has worked out very well to keep the numbers of guests arriving at any single time at a smoothed out pace.  No crowds gathering to enter.  Ample parking for everyone.

I never really know where these thoughts come from, but the image of the Grinch's heart growing just blipped into my brain...

I've never felt like the grinchy Grinch about Garden Glow.  Only the heart growing, smiling to himself Grinch.  

MUCH, much happiness here!



1 month, 2 weeks ago

this was fun to see today!!!

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Whew.  what a day!

It's 11:30pm.  Not unusual at all for me to be up and writing.  The inspiration for the name of our new display "Starfire Follies" comes from the genre of movies that have captured my heart for many years.  I'm watching a movie starring Ginger Rogers at the moment - "Heartbeat" from 1946.

The history of the Ziegfeld Follies (1907 - 1931) is what truly got me thinking.  The lavish, extravagant, pre-stock market crash, upscale vaudeville style productions of Florenz Ziegfeld.  Once I got investigating that period in time, I discovered that the pandemic of 1918 was unfolding in the middle of the frivolities.  I'll just let you ponder on that for now...

I enjoy the movies from the mid-1930s through the mid-1950s.  There's a simplicity of life about them that makes me happy.  I correlate it to how I interpret the feelings that visitors to McCrory Gardens, especially now during Garden Glow, are experiencing.  They've found what the rest of the world can sometimes take away from us.  Peace.  Sanctuary.  Wonderment.  Amazement.  Simplicity.

Tonight I think fondly of the SDSU employees that came to Garden Glow.  Especially those that had never made the time to come in the past.  Combined with your expression of generosity today, it shall be a good night's rest for me.  

My heart overflows-  Lisa

1 month, 3 weeks ago

And we're off!  

$50 more to unlock a $200 match.

Who's ready???