Jack's Cupboard

A project by: Heidi Hopewell

pledged of $10,000 target

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Good Luck in attaining the $10k mark!

great job

Thank you too!

Thanks for setting up this donation platform. It makes donating to this cause much easier--especially in the age of COVID-19!

Today, in honor of Labor Day, SDState Health is working to combat food insecurity for our students. Won't you consider a gift to Jack's Cupboard? Jack’s Cupboard will be taking donations Monday from 3:30 – 5 p.m. Donations include Walmart or Hyvee gift cards, cash or checks. Drop-off locations include the Miller Wellness Center welcome desk, Info Exchange in the University Student Union, or Jack’s Cupboard on the Southeast corner of Ben Reifel Hall. Online donations are also accepted at https://rabbitraisers.org/p/Jacks-Cupboard

Thank you for sharing how we can help!