A Home for Ceres

A project by: Nichole Woizeschke


WE RAISED $11,841

from 67 donors

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We are thrilled to report that our Rabbit Raiser has been very successful thanks to YOU! We appreciate all the shares and the wonderful donations! Ceres will go into home ownership in great fashion and a very healthy downpayment.

Ceres will have a wonderful place to call home at SD State and be able to impact women, the campus, and the world thanks to your generosity. Thank you for supporting Ceres in nurturing the values of Leadership, Scholarship, Fellowship, Ag Orientation, and Commitment in our members. 

If you would like to continue supporting our efforts, you can email Nichole Woizeschke, our fundraising chair at NicholeWoizeschke@gmail.com.

Again, Thank YOU!

11 months, 3 weeks ago


I am so overwhelmed.

It’s not just the world around all of us, not just the busyness that can characterize the blur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve… but it’s the beautiful way Sisters, friends, and family have come together to support the dream of our Chapter HOME at SD State. The support in financial donations, in time to share Ceres and the Rabbit Raiser, time behind the scenes… it’s all beautifully overwhelming.

THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in our Rabbit Raiser by sharing the link to the fundraising platform. Thank you to those who have donated financially. Both sharing about Ceres and making financial contributions have been key to our success so far in this campaign!

As I am writing this, we are closing in on our 50 donor goal! That is an amazing accomplishment. We look forward to unlocking a bonus gift of $500! We are also only $1400 from our BIG goal of $10k!

We have gotten to this point through gifts equivalent to a couple of cups at the coffeehouse all the way on up to a staggering $1,000 gift. And you know what? They all matter. We all give what we can – our time, pleasures, and comforts.

We understand that this year, the pandemic, the craziness of 2020, has not been kind to all, and for some of you, financial gifts towards the Rabbit Raiser are just not a possibility. That is entirely okay! This is not your season for that.

However, I will highly encourage you all to continue to share our Ceres story and our Rabbit Raiser! Grab your unique link and send it to anyone who wants to support women in agriculture, leadership, and support a place to call home.

The Fundraising and Financial Committee has set an overall goal of $10,000 for this campaign. We know that we have generous Sisters and families, as well as resourceful leaders who can ask for support from our social media circles. We want to continue to have a place for female leaders in agriculture and beyond!

So how do you participate in our Rabbit Raiser? Between now and December 19:

1. Share, Share, Share!! There are and will continue to be posts coming from the South Dakota State University Ceres Women’s Fraternity (Facebook and Instagram) regarding the Rabbit Raiser and updates on the campaign. Please share these and add your own personal message on how Ceres has affected you so that others are encouraged to donate.

2. Reach out to your pledge/new member class, as well as your Big and Littles. Challenge them to share the posts as well as donate to the campaign. You can also work as a group to contribute a certain amount of money.

3. Make a donation of a Gift in Kind of grain or cattle by using the attached form and contacting the Foundation. You will need to communicate with the Foundation that the gift is for the Ceres Rabbit Raiser.

4. Help us share the story of Ceres by sharing your experiences! Please complete the google doc to help us share the importance of Ceres on Social Media. It takes just a few moments https://forms.gle/DmyyPyQmYvSvxUFt9

With any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Fundraising and Financial Chair, Nickie Woizeschke

Email: NicholeWoizeschke@gmail.com

Cell: 605-277-0541

Let’s get this done!! I’m excited to see what we can do!

Yours in Sisterhood,

Nickie Woizeschke

12 months ago


12 months ago

We're just over halfway through our campaign - we have until December 19 to make our goal! At the time of this update, we have $2,800 to go. Thank you so much! 

We would like to unlock the generous gift of $500 when we hit 50 donors as well. Would you help us by sharing our campaign? Challenge your friends to forgo a cup of fancy coffee and match each other to make an impact on our total as well as donor numbers!

We appreciate you!

1 year ago


Thank you all so much for supporting us with your financial gifts, as well as sharing about our Rabbit Raiser! We greatly appreciate you!!

We're closing in on the halfway mark of our 30 day campaign, and are well on our way to our goal! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Can we count on you to continue to share our story? We are looking for gifts of any size - $5, $10, $25 or more! They all add up! And we have a challenge to reach 50 donors to unlock a $500 gift - we need you!

Please continue to share your unique link with the updates from our Facebook page and Instagram as well!

~SD State Ceres

I'm so grateful for all of our donors! Just 19 more to go to unlock an extra $500 for this project!!!

1 year ago

Will you accept this challenge???

Please Share Share Share this Rabbit Raiser on all your Social Media profiles, pages, groups, and consider emailing and texting to your friends and family! Giving Tuesday is almost here! Year end giving is nipping at its heels! We appreciate and need you all.

Are you willing to give up a coffee and challenge friends to meet you in that sacrifice to give more and add more donors? How about the convenience of food takeout? We appreciate the additional sacrifices you are making to help us be successful! 

Thank you for what you have done and are going to do to help Ceres unlock another $500! 

1 year ago


We are so thankful for all our supporters and donors!! Thank you for your financial gifts and sharing our Rabbit Raiser to support the Ceres Home in Greek Village. 

We’re grateful to our FarmHouse brothers for thinking of us in utilizing their former house to make ours, and those who have continued to work with us on this project. We’re grateful to all Ceres women who have worked many hours to see this through to a healthy reality! We’re thankful for all the Ceres women who are and will be leaders in our world for years to come.

We’re thankful for exceeding our initial fundraising goal of $5k!!!!

Looking forward to smashing $10k!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

💜💛 SD State Ceres

1 year ago

WOW!! We are getting so close to our initial goal of $5,000!! Thank you everyone who has donated so far - you are amazing!

Please continue to share our Rabbit Raiser on your social media accounts. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to bring us up and over $4,000 for Thanksgiving!

💜💛 SD State Ceres

1 year ago

🤩 Wow!! What an amazing start!! We’re almost halfway to our initial goal of $5,000!!!

Thank you so much to our Donors and Supporters! You are amazing!!

💜💛SD State Ceres

That's fantastic!

Now we're over halfway!!!