A Home for Ceres

A project by: Nichole Woizeschke


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Help Ceres Build our Chapter Home in Greek Village

Securing our future

Ceres builds – this is our motto. Ceres is all about building female leaders with an appreciation of agriculture. Now is the time to help Ceres build our home!

Who is Ceres? 

Ceres is a women's fraternity that strives to develop qualities of leadership, scholarship, commitment, fellowship, and agricultural orientation within our members. Our members are the leaders the university, the world, our families, and our employers need. Since 1991, our members have worked together on philanthropic efforts, as well as self-development and community service projects – with a healthy dose of fun along the way. After graduation, our alumnae impact the world through their careers and service in their communities, as well as their families. 

home is where the heart is

Studying at any university can be intimidating, and being far from friends and family can be quite the adjustment. That's why having a home where you find a family, forged together by common goals and values, is so treasured; that treasured home is Ceres. This new home provides stability, a family and community-like atmosphere within Greek Village, and a more secure property than our previous rentals. The home also provides ample space for study on an individual basis or with sisters studying the same subjects. Mentorship, teamwork, and leadership all happen within the walls of our home.

Ceres builds the whole person, creating bonds of sisterhood that hold us accountable while encouraging us through struggles. There is no place like home for those relationships to take root.

Ceres has grown and become a force within the Greek and Agricultural teams at State. Our members deserve a permanent home next to our brother organization, FarmHouse. You can help provide that security with your donation and by sharing this fundraiser. Gifts of all sizes make an impact on the size of our down payment, and, in turn, the size of the loan we take out in the process of owning our first home!

Home ownership is a key part of our organization. Through our nearly thirty-year history, we have rented and moved from house to house (even multiple houses simultaneously!) in the Brookings community. Some properties were wonderful, and some….not so much.

Where will the money go? 

All monies raised from this fundraiser will help ensure our fraternity has a home to call our own by increasing our down payment capacity. While we have been fundraising for years, our minimum goal of $5,000 would be a great boost in making true home ownership attainable. The larger our down payment, the quicker we will pay off the loan! Any and all funds above our target will also be put toward the down payment. 

No matter the size of the gift, all gifts will help make an impact towards the new Ceres home.

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Help us succeed! 

As we say in our object: “Membership in Ceres may require the sacrifice of time, pleasures, and comforts.” Please consider a small sacrifice of skipping the coffee shop, or other little luxury, for a few days and challenging your friends to do the same. Future female leaders thank you for your choice to support Ceres.

You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think might support us – maybe you know a business who wants to support women in agriculture! Share on your socials, or even by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence with a neighbor, or on your blog. Gifts in kind are very appreciated as well. If you would like to donate a load (or even a portion of a load) of grain or livestock, we can assist you through that process!