Inspiring a passion for the diverse history, culture, and science of agriculture in South Dakota.


From school tours, to public lectures, to workshops, the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum connects curious minds of all ages to the importance of agriculture in their every day lives. Help us keep this programming free and open to the public by investing in our mission.

Who We Are.

The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum has a professional team that strives for excellence in education outside of a classroom. Sarah Jacobs is the Education Coordinator for the museum and the state coordinator for the National History Day in South Dakota program. She leads and organizes the programming and overseas the NHD program across the state.

our story

The South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum provides a wide variety of programming in the museum, online, and out in the community.  Our services include everything from a child pedaling a tractor to make an auger work, a student combing through the archives for a research project, to a life-long learning discovering the latest in agriculture at a lecture, 

We believe that it is important to know not only where your food comes from, but also the history and science behind it. For instance, a school may take a tour where they start by walking through an exhibit about Dr. Hutton, the first soil scientist of South Dakota, and then the class might do an experiment about the importance of cover crops to stop soil erosion. These type of learning experiences are not possible without your support!

National History Day is a project-based curriculum where students grade 6-12 can compete at the regional, state, and national level. It is like a science fair for history. As the coordinator for South Dakota, the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum oversees four districts and host the state contest at SDSU. National History Day teaches students things like critical-thinking, historical research, writing, and interview skills. Every year we have around 1,500 students participate in the program across the state. Your investment in this program is investing in the ecology of learning in South Dakota. 

Where will the money go?

Ag Museum Educational Programming

  • $40 Club Activity - Sponsor the cost of one hands-on activity for a 4-H Club, a scout troop, or adult club. 
  • $80 School Tour - Sponsor the cost of a school tour with multiple agricultural-learning stations .
  • $120 Hands-On Community event - Sponsor a Make & Take booth at a community event like at farm shows or the Insect Festival.
  • $200 Public Lecture - Sponsor the honorarium of a guest lecturer for a public program.
  • $500 Preservation Workshop - Sponsor a workshop to learn how to preserve your heirlooms like a museum professional.

National History Day in South Dakota

  • $30 State Participation Award - Sponsor three state participation awards
  • $50 State Competition Room Sponsor
  • $100 Curriculum Books - Sponsor the curriculum books for all teachers participating in the program
  • $500 Teacher Training Workshop - Sponsor the cost of one workshop for educators to learn about project-based curriculum.

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